This is really going too far for us!

November 15th 2021

This is really going too far for us!

We do take the health of guests seriously, and are 'rewarded' with even more restrictions.

We don't get it anymore. Our government has no idea what is going on in fine dining restaurants.  We are seriously disadvantaged.

During the entire pandemic, we cooperated 100% on the new rules. We have been closed for a long time in the last 20 months, 10 months to be exact. We have adhered to the adjusted opening hours, a maximum number of guests, and one and a half meters distance between guests all this time. We have done the corona check with every guest. And yet it is not enough and we also have to close our restaurant at 20:00. This is unfair and has nothing to do with our government's slogan; together we get Corona under control.

Figures from the RIVM and Koninklijke Horeca Nederland show that contamination in the entire catering industry is low: 2.9 percent. That goes from bars to Michelin star restaurants. Almost nothing of that small 2.9 percent takes place in fine dining restaurants. We get the hardest blows, with us the dinner starts just at 20:00.

Of course, we have adapted. Since the Coronacheck, our lunch turnover has fallen sharply. Significantly less dinner turnover last weekend. So dinner can be started from 17:00, but it is not ideal. Our life's work is now threatened again by measures that in our view lack every nuance. That's too bad!