Menu for lunch and diner

What is so great about the Netherlands is that the best and most beautiful products, everything we need for our dishes, can be found around us. Dutch farmers are considered among the best in the world with beautiful vegetables, meat, poultry and dairy products and the fishermen on the IJsselmeer and the North Sea land a wide variety of fresh, high-quality fish every day. Together with new developments such as cooking techniques, taste (Umami), (re)discovered spices and so much more, it provides a lot of inspiration for new delicious and special dishes.


Lars Bertelsen
Executive Chef


We are open from 11:00h. to 23:00h. and you can book online. For the best experience, we recommend arriving before 7:30 PM.


The lunch menu

Having lunch with your partner, friends, or business relations allows you to indulge in culinary delights and take the time to enjoy delicious food and each other's company. Choose from the à la carte menu or the 3-6 course Chef's Experience Menu. Our sommelier is delighted to offer a suitable wine pairing to complement your lunch. We also offer a 3-6 course Chef's Vegetarian Menu.

For those with limited time, we offer the Business Lunch. In just 40 minutes, we serve various amuse-bouches, bread with butter, a starter, and a main course. This menu changes every two weeks.


The dinner Menu

The dinner Menu

Dining with your partner, family, or business associates is an evening out. Begin by enjoying your aperitif and various amuse-bouches, followed by the first course served alongside a suitable glass of wine. You will be attended to until the final course and coffee with sweets are served.

Choose from the à la carte menu or opt for the popular Chef's Menu with a choice of 3 - 6 courses. We also offer a 2 - 5 course Chef's Vegetarian Menu.



The wine list

Achieving the perfect balance between wine and food ensures an unparalleled dining experience. Our team has meticulously selected wines to complement the refined dishes we serve.

Our wine menu features classics from renowned regions as well as innovative wines from lesser-known producers. Additionally, we offer wine pairings to accompany our 3 to 6 course menu, ensuring a harmonious wine selection.

The wine menu


kids menu for our little guests

Introducing children to a gastronomic restaurant is an essential part of their upbringing, allowing them to explore new flavors and discover 'different' dishes. Parents who enjoy dining out with their children and/or grandchildren during lunch asked about the possibilities. In response, Chef Lars Bertelsen has crafted a 'fine dining' children's menu, specially designed for youngsters up to 12 years old. This menu offers a selection of 2 starters, 3 main courses, and 2 desserts.