Menu for lunch and diner

New developments such as cooking techniques, taste (Umami), (re)discovered spices, and much more give a lot of inspiration for new dishes. Everything is homemade, from the bread with the entrees to the friandises served with coffee.

We are open from 12:00 to 23:00 and you can book online. For the best experience, we recommend arriving before 7:30 PM.


The lunch menu

Having lunch with your partner, friends or business relation is to let yourself be culinary pampered and take the time for delicious food and for each other.
Make your choice from the al la carte or the 2 - 5 course Chefs Experience Menu. The sommelier is happy to serve a suitable wine arrangement to complete the lunch.

We also offer a 2-5 course Chefs Vega Menu.


The dinner Menu

The dinner Menu

Dining with your partner, the family, or with business associates is a night out. First, enjoy your aperitif and various amuse-bouches and then the first course is served together with a suitable glass of wine. You will be taken care of until the last course and the coffee with sweets.

Make your choice from the a la carte or opt for the popular Chefs Menu with a choice of 4 - 8 courses.
We also offer a 2 - 5 course Chefs Vega Menu.



The wine list

Wine and food in just the right balance ensure an unmatched experience. Our team has selected wines with great care to accompany the refined dishes served.

Our wine menu consists of classics from known regions to innovative wines from unknown producers. Furthermore, we serve a wine pairing adjoining our 2 to 8 course menu resulting in a balanced wine menu.

The wine menu